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Development disability is not a verdict: enjoy life and capture its memorable moments

photographer is a non-profit organization that gives its best to help in kids with development disabilities upbringing and their integration into the society. Do not miss our conferences and trainings, which help both kids and their parents to find the answers on the most urgent questions. Read more about activities.

This article is dedicated to the importance of baby photo sessions and making a photo chronicle of your kid growing. Some people who are parenting kids with disabilities prefer not to shoot their kids much and refuse from baby photo sessions, but our psychologists claim that it is a big mistake. Photo shoot is the best possible way to capture special moments of your kids live stages.

Kids are changing with every passing day and they do not remember how they looked a year or two ago. Photo pictures are used as a tool to fill these gaps - white spots in their memories. Creating a chronicle of you kid, you give your child an opportunity to go back to a childhood when he/she grows up. Leafing through the home album and looking at the pictures, your grown-up kid would be able to create the story of his/her life. Looking at these images, where the child is depicted in the hands of mother and father, in the arms of grandmother, with a favorite toy, your kid will have an evidence that he/she was loved. And it is very important feeling for a person! It provides an adult a support and self-confidence. So, baby photo sessions are not trifles! Pictures can really make wonders.

How to store baby pictures
Baby picture is a product, which value only grows with the time. So do not spare a space on the hard disk. Set your digital camera so that to take pictures at a maximum resolution and at the best quality, if you shoot in jpg. Shoot in RAW format, do not skimp on the memory card. Kids photography is equivalent to a complex photo reports, so please, stoke up with a sufficient number of memory cards, as many of the shots you have made would be deleted and the rest would have to be edited in the graphic editors. Arriving home, save the originals and never work directly with them to avoid overwriting a modified version over the original.

Lillie Dawson for about baby photo sessions.

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