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Youth LEAD

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Thursday, August 20
Thursday, October 22
Thursday, Dec. 10
Thursday, Feb. 25, 2010
Thursday, April 22, 2010

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UMKC Admin. Bldg.
Brookside Room

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Transition Resource Guide

Transitioning out of high school—whether to a job or to additional education—is not easy for anyone, and it may be more difficult if you have a disability. For some people with disabilities, finding out about what resources are out there can be the key to realizing a successful and satisfying adult life. This resource directory will, I hope, enable you to connect with some additional resources to support your transition out of college. Keep in mind that every resource will not be of the same value to you. Before you make a commitment to receive services and supports from any of the agencies in this directory, make sure that the agency’s missions overlaps with your goals in terms of career, education, independent living, and community involvement.

The directory is organized by topic. Each topic contains a brief introduction and a series of resources. You might use the directory to find services for your own future planning. You could also use these resources to find out about opportunities for leadership and advocacy. For example, even if you don’t have a juvenile justice concern, you might want to help other people with disabilities who are involved in the juvenile justice system. Just start looking at websites, emailing, calling, and asking around. Also, you have an ability to chat online with our support team, ask questions and get fast and comprehensive answers. Feel free to use our online tools to get more information about additional education and job opportunitites.

We are always happy to invite you to take part in our numerous trainings. All our educational programs are created to provide you with additional knowledge and skills in different spheres. Thanks to the fact that all trainings are held by experts of the leading companies operating in the field of project management software development such as Easyprojects, management such as Assist LLC, accounting and many other spheres, you have an ability to obtain high-quality industry specific knowledge, which will definitely help you in building your career. As a result of the last training, which was devoted to PM software issues, all participants acquired useful skills necessary to work with software tool for project management. Stay tuned to our website, to be aware of all upcoming events and in order not to miss a chance to communicate with specialists in the field of project management software, law, accounting, etc.

A big part of realizing your goals and dreams, and ultimately assuming a leadership role in your community, is taking control of the relationship with service providers. These agencies and their staff only exist to support you. Good luck with your transition!
To download a pdf of the Transition Resource Guide, see the attachments section below.

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